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25 Years of premier restoration service!

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

a black Presentation wall plaque and a 25 years of service signed baseball bat 25 Years Strong!

25 Years Strong

Established in 1996, we just celebrated our 25th year in business as a SERVPRO franchise! We are truly thankful and blessed to have had the priviledge of serving the metro-east Illinois region and its surrounding communities for those years. It could not have happened without the trust you have put in us to service you in the time of need.

Our team needs more than just work, they need something to work toward, and here at SERVPRO we provide that culture. The satisfaction of helping people is paramount in our culture. Our team understands our mission of SERVPRO of Collinville/Troy and its reason for being one of the premier restoration services in the nation. Our leadership team implements a culture that takes great pride in delivering a service that truly encapsulates a "Like it never even happened," experience. all of our divisions from mitigation to large loss to our reconstruction division work in the same direction to achieve the goals of being the best in the industry. 

We Are Not Going Anywhere

At SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy, SERVPRO of Belleville-O'Fallon and SERVPRO of Alton, Edwardsville & Granit City you can count on us being here serving our great community for years to come. We have been herre for 25 years and we are just getting started. Our owners, David and Angie Wolfe have dedicated their lives to serving and have surrounded themselves with like-minded people. 

So, when you have the need for a one stop restoration/reconstruction provider look no further. SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy has been here for 25 years and we looking forward to serving you for 25 more! Call us at (618) 667-8648.

Why Choose SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

A young woman giving a review on her cell phone SERVPRO is a different kind of Service Provider

Were you ever apprehensive when you heard that a contractor or restoration provider was coming to your metro-east Illinois home or business and thought to yourself, "I wonder if dust & debris will get on everything and they leave it behind for me to clean up?" Worried about unprofessional or unqualified people doing inferior work leaving you dissatisfied? Worried about projects not completed in a timely manner? Well, that's why SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is a different kind of service provider! We understand that you want your property back to its preloss condition quickly and professionally! Here are some of the other reasons why we are different:

Our technicians are professionally trained in what we do and are on time every time!
We seal off areas that are unaffected in your home or business in to keep dust and debris out to prevent any secondary damage to your belongings.
Our team is on call 24/7 to respond to any disasters, even on holidays because we never shut down.
We are certified and carry licenses to ensure your mitigation, remediation, or reconstruction is done correctly, in a timely manner and done right the first time.
Our project managers ensure your peace of mind by keeping you updated as we progress.
We work with your insurance provider/adjuster and offer a transparent estimate.

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is committed to the region we service and to you! We take great pride in putting your metro-east Illinois home or business back to it's original state "Like it never even happened."

And You Thought We Just Cleaned Up

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

A apartment building in the process of being rebuilt. Construction Services

At SERVPRO, we are so much more than a cleaning company.

Our Construction Division at TEAM WOLFE can simplify the restoration process by handling both the initial damage, mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas including a total construction project. Having one qualified company for the entire process from emergency services, to mitigation and reconstruction, SERVPRO can save time, keep costs low and relieve you and your family of the stress from juggling all that goes into restoring your home or business. TEAM WOLFE can provide this continuity by supervising a full range of restoration and construction services that will bring a building back to full functionality.

At SERVPRO, we employ all of the trades necessary to complete your project, from lead management, project managers, IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) Certified restoration technicians and carefully selected Trade Partners that work seamlessly within our SERVPRO approved processes. All of our employees and trade partners are skilled and trained to take care of our customers.

Our Construction Division compliments our Restoration Services

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

contractor meeting with planners over blueprints Construction Planning

At SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy, the backbone of our company is fire, water & smoke cleanup and restoration. But, what compliments our unique services in the industry is we can facilitate every aspect of the reconstruction process of your damaged property!

Our construction division specializes in reconstruction, new construction residential, retail, offices, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government properties, warehouses and shipping facilities. We have experts in the field of putting your home or business back to its preloss condition which includes complete builds from a total loss. Our in-house construction division can provide everything that a normal contractor can provide you after you are hit with a catastrophe. That's why SERVPRO is so unique in the metro-east Illinois region, we can handle the entire process so there is no need for multiple companies and services to juggle! One call to SERVPRO handles everything from start to finish. For work not completed in-house, we have an extensive list of qualified contractors (HVAC, Plumbers, drywall finishing, roofing, electricians and many other specialized services) just to name a few.

We can fast track your project and offer cost-saving solutions to meet your budget goals because you are dealing with just one company!

Call SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy today at (618) 667-8648 for all your construction needs because we are not just a restoration company, we are a full service contractor!

Ladder Safety 101

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

a worker climbing down a ladder and a SERVPRO Logo with the words Ladder Safety in the picture Safe Ladder Handling

When it comes to climbing ladders please consider the safety risk involved before climbing up. Falls from portable and extension ladders are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries and fatalities. The following is a list of safety tips and guidelines to make sure you, and everyone around you, stay safe.

  • Make sure you read and follow the instructions on the ladder, pay close attention to weight limits to whatever ladder you are getting ready to scale.

  • Look for overhead power lines before moving the ladder. Don’t use metal ladders near power lines or exposed energized electrical equipment.

  • Always do an inspection on your ladder before use. If something is broken or bent, either replace it, or get it repaired. If it’s a commercial ladder, make sure you tag it and pull it off line so another co-worker doesn’t grab it and use it.

  • You should always keep a 3-point contact when climbing (two hands and a foot, or two feet and one hand). Keep your body near the middle of the step and always face the ladder while climbing.

  • Make sure you use the right ladder and accessories for their designed purpose.

  • The ladder must be free of any slippery material on the rungs, steps, or feet.

  • Don’t use the top step/rung of a ladder as a step unless it was designated for that purpose.

  • Use a ladder only on stable/level ground, unless the ladder is secured to prevent displacement.

  • Don’t use boxes, barrels or other unstable bases to gain extra height for the ladder.

  • If the ladder needs moved or shifted, make sure that everyone and equipment is off of it.

  • The proper angle for setting up a ladder is to place its base a quarter of the working length of the ladder from the wall or other vertical surface.

  • If using the ladder in a place where it can get displaced by other work activities, make sure it’s secured.

  • Keep all traffic away from the area around the ladder.

  • Make sure that the locks on the on the extension ladder are properly engaged.

  • Be aware of the weight capacity of the ladder, and don’t exceed the maximum load. You need to take into account your weight and anything you carry on it.

Take a few minutes before getting on your next ladder by doing that inspection, and being mindful of its placement. By following these suggested ideas, serious injury can be prevented.

Have a cleaning project that requires climbing on a ladder? Why not leave the ladder climbing to SERVPRO! Give us a call at (618) 667-8648

Want to learn more about ladder safety? Check out this OSHA link:


10/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO representative answering the phone SERVPRO Administrative Assistant

When You Need a Rapid Response to Your Damage, We Respond Immediately

SERVPRO knows that when you call our company, you may be feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through the crisis you have just endured. SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy, SERVPRO of Alton, Edwardsville & Granite City, SERVPRO of Belleville-O'Fallon has specific fire, water and smoke damage training and the expertise to help you through your dilemma. We specialize in fire, water, smoke and storm damage cleanup and restoration. In fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect When You Call

When you call, our friendly representative will ask several questions regarding the type of damage you have incurred. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring with us when we deploy, including how many trained SERVPRO restoration specialists that may be needed for your particular situation.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information including your phone number and email address
  • Your insurance carrier (if applicable)
  • Has a claim been turned in?
  • Name of Adjuster (if assigned)
  • The street address of your home or business
  • When did the damage occur?
  • What caused the damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity and water available (on-site)?
  • Is there standing water (if applicable)?
  • What year was the home or business built?

About SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy, SERVPRO of Alton, Edwardsville & Granite City, SERVPRO of Belleville-O'Fallon

SERVPRO specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage. SERVPRO can also mitigate mold and mildew from your home or business. Our owner's David and Angie Wolfe have over 26 years of industry experience so you know you are in good hands.

Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. With a nationwide system of qualified franchises, no damage is too large or too small for SERVPRO.

Why You Should Choose SERVPRO

10/20/2020 (Permalink)

a split screen view of our corporate facilities from a sky view, and team members TEAM WOLFE

Did you know that SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is an IICRC Certified company? So, what does IICRC stand for you ask? The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies like ours.

IICRC Certified Firms must:

Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.

Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.

Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops the Standards for the Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing and maintaining the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, Advanced structural drying and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take many years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

About SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and we are an IICRC Certified company. We believe in continuous training of our employees from initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property to its preloss state.

SERVPRO is here to help in this time of need

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards. 

Specialized Training 

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. 

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include: 

  • Kitchen/Food Areas 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Schools/Classrooms 
  • Offices 
  • Retail Spaces 
  • Water Fountains 
  • Shelving/Racks 
  • Sales Counters 
  • Carpets and Rugs 
  • Stair Handrails 
  • Elevator Cars 
  • Playground Equipment 
  • Fitness Equipment 

Specialized Products 

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. 

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning 

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, or if you have any questions call SERVPRO of Collinsville-Troy today at (618)667-8648.  


I contacted SERVPRO, what happens next?

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

We know the importance of acting quickly after experiencing fire, water, mold or any other type of damage to your home or property. As time passes, the damage can worsen or spread to other areas.  Our team is available 24/7 in order to be able to quickly respond after any type of emergency or disaster. After you contact SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy with questions about the cleaning and restoration services that we offer, there are several steps that will be taken. First, on the phone we will answer any questions that you have to the best of our abilities and set up a time to have one of our team members come out to your location. 

We respond quickly – We try our best to return any phone calls within an hour, and to get a crew on site to your location within four hours. This ensures that we can quickly gauge the damage and begin taking steps to ensure that the damage does not progress.  

Arrival on site – Once we arrive on site, one of our highly trained CSR’s will walk through and inspect the damage. They may take photos to share with your insurance company as we work with them as well through every step of the process. They will talk to you about the damage that they see, and the best way to begin the restoration process.  

Restoration – After the inspection, our efficient crew will arrive on scene and begin implementing the plan that was put in place by the CSR. Throughout this process we will continue to communicate with both you and your insurance company to make  sure that everyone stays informed and on the same page.  

If you have any questions about cleaning and restoration services for your Madison County home or business, call our friendly and qualified team today at 618-667-8648. 

What do you get when you choose SERVPRO?

1/2/2020 (Permalink)

The company you choose for your cleaning and restoration needs is an important decision. You want to ensure that you choose a company you can trust to get the job done quickly and efficiently, as well as to keep an open line of communication with you throughout the entire process. When you choose SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy to be your trusted company in the Madison County area you are getting several different things that include but are not limited to the following.  

  • We include you in every decision. We will work with and for you until the job is complete. Our team will communicate with you throughout the entire process as our main goal is to see you at your family happy and worry free! 
  • Our team utilizes the latest technology and equipment in order to ensure that your property and belongings are restored as quickly and professionally as possible. 
  • We will help with any cleaning or restoration needs, no matter how large or small.  
  • Our rule of thumb is to try and restore items whenever possible, but in case of loss we will provide you with an itemized list, along with pictures, in order to make the process as easy as possible for you.  
  • We respond to each call as quickly as possible. Our team is available 24/7 because we understand that emergencies can happen at any time.  
  • The crew members of our restoration team are trained in the latest techniques and technology so that they can get the job done quickly and efficiently every time.  

Services we offer at SERVPRO

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy, we offer a wide variety of services to meet all of your cleaning and restoration needs. Our friendly and qualified team is available 24/7 in order to be available whenever an emergency may occur and to ensure that all of your questions are able to be answered in a timely manner. If there is a service that you need that we do not offer, we can work with our team of trusted contractors in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. This ensures quality work, less stress on you, and an open line of communication.  

Some of the services that we offer for your Madison County home or business include but are not limited to: 

  • Water damage cleanup  
  • Mold remediation 
  • Storm damage cleanup 
  • Fire damage restoration 
  • Residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning 
  • Ductwork and HVAC cleaning 
  • Sewage cleanup 
  • Odor removal 
  • Biohazard cleanup  
  • Trauma and crime scene cleanup 

If you have any questions about any of the services, we offer at SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy, feel free to contact our experienced team at 618-667-6848.  

Why should you choose SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy?

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy has been a part of the Madison county community since 2006. It is a locally owned and operated company; the owners opened their first SERVPRO franchise in 1993. We always strive to be a part of the community by participating in local events.

Our entire staff is always ready and prepared to help you in an emergency. This includes our friendly and efficient office staff who communicate with both you and your insurance company throughout the entire process. We also have our production team who always put forth a diligent effort to get each job completed quickly and correctly every time. Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We are ready and waiting to make things "Like it never even happened".

Contact us today at 1-618-667-8648 to schedule a free estimate with our experienced team!

Insurance Professionals Choose SERVPRO

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why Many Insurance Companies Use SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy has worked with many insurance agents and claim adjusters. We understand your situation. An agent or adjuster has a responsibility to keep claim costs down while providing the best services possible for clients. Here are a few reasons why so many insurance agents and adjusters trust us:

Pretesting Reduces Claims Expense
Like insurance agents and claim adjusters, we know restoring property is less expensive than replacing property. Our goal is always to restore whenever possible and replace only when necessary. That’s why SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy performs pretesting on every loss so we can determine if it can be restored.

Fast Emergency Response
Restoring commercial or residential property is the first priority at SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy. Your insurance client will appreciate our immediate response and you will know we’re doing everything we can to limit the damage and the costs.

Claims Inventory Service
SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy can provide insurance agents and claim adjusters with an itemized loss inventory. We give you a report and pictures of important items. Your work is made simpler and clearer because we provide you with a complete and accurate picture of the incident.

Serving Adjusters and Clients
A SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy professional's job is to reassure clients, perform quality service, and report to you quickly. We know it is the insurance professional’s job to interpret the policy and adjust the claim. We don’t want anyone to have to deal with problems from vendors. Working with you and your clients, we strive to save  time so you can focus on priority files, while having complete control of every loss you’re assigned. We offer you 24-hour emergency response, damage mitigation, loss assessment, and an electronic file within hours. SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy's documented, measured performance increases value for you, your agency, your managers, and your clients.

Always Here To Help 
SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy will reassure the customer, provide excellent service and communicate with the insurance agents and adjusters quickly. We work together with the agents to provide quick and effective property restoration and make it “Like it never even happened.” We are a one-stop shop for all of your needs!

Had a Disaster? How to Choose the Right Restoration Company

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy, we are here to make your disaster "Like it never even happened."

Disasters are devastating. Whether caused by water, fire, or storms, they can turn your world upside down in a matter of moments. Even the strongest of us can feel helpless, not knowing where to turn after a catastrophe. But fortunately for you, SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is nearby and stands ready to help you.

Three of the Best Reasons to Use SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy

  1. TRAINING – We never stop learning and honing our skills. We’re trained to IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) high standards in fire and water cleanup and restoration, mold remediation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning and restoration courses. Additionally, our industry professionals regularly attend SERVPRO continuing education classes.
  2. Equipment – We use the professional equipment needed to completely clean and remove the effects of water, mold, soot, smoke, odor and more. During the past few years, there’s been a rapid advancement in the technology and techniques used in the restoration industry. These advancements allow SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy to restore your property quickly, reliably, and more effectively.
  3. EXPERIENCE – SERVPRO is not some fly-by-night type of company. They started over 50 years ago and currently have over 1,700 franchises nationwide. The owners SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is proud to have been in business in the St. Clair/Madison county area for over 25 years! The extensive knowledge we’ve gained during that time makes us the go-to disaster restoration company to call. Our experience will enhance your experience with us!

But why SERVPRO? After all, there are other companies who make the same claims. Why not just pick one out of a hat? Consider this: if you have to undergo surgery due to a dangerous and life-threatening condition, wouldn’t you insist on having a surgeon with extensive training, years of experience, and a sterling reputation to get you back to good health? Well, your property is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, so it’s also very important to have a company with the knowledge, experience and reputation you can trust to return your property to its preloss condition or better and so make your disaster "Like it never even happened."

We sincerely hope that you’ll never be in a situation where you need to call a disaster restoration company. But if you do, give us a shout at 618-667-8648 and we’ll make the event as painless as possible.

We have rain, snow, hot and cold! Keep your eye on the weather!

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Between temperatures going up and down, the snow melting and the amount of rain we have been getting; the chances of pipe breaks, sump pump back ups, and flooded homes are higher!

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is available no matter what day or what time for your calls and to start work. Whether you want an estimate before work is started or you want a crew out working in the middle of the night; we are here!

We will work with your insurance company or with you if the job will be self pay. Don't hesitate to ask us questions. Our staff is here to assist you and assure you the clean up and restoration will be done the right way.

If you need us call us at 618-667-8648

We love hearing back from our customers!

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy loves to hear back from our customers. Our crews work hard everyday to make your disaster look “Like it never even happened.” Receiving your testimonials helps reassure our employees of how well they are doing and makes them want to work even harder!

Here are just a few reviews we have received recently.

“The carpet in the council chambers looks great.”

— Michele in Troy, IL

“No complaints.  All of the men working here did a wonderful job!  That would be Mike M, Brandon S, Brandon R., Dalton and Jason.  They were friendly, well informed, and patient about explaining the process.  I definitely would use SERVPRO again.”

— Leslie in Lebanon, IL

“The team that showed up at my house was some of the most professional people I've dealt with.  Amazing experience.  The duties they did were just as explained to me.  All of the workers deserve a raise!!! They totally dismantled a bedroom that had been damaged during a recent storm.  Removed all of the wet material and cleaned up!  just the people we needed during this time of need.  Thank you SERVPRO!  Also the original time given for the job was 5-6 hours.  They had it done in 3 hours!”

— Corey in Waterloo, IL

If you ever need our service, we are just a phone call away! Call us at 618-667-8648

Trying to sell a home?

11/19/2018 (Permalink)

Are you wanting to sell your home or are you a realtor trying to sell? When you are wanting to put your house on the market deep cleaning your home is a great first step. Having a freshly cleaned home makes it more appealing to the potential buyer.

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy specializes in general cleaning, carpet cleaning, deodorization, odor removal and more. 

The crew will wipe walls, ceilings, trim, lights, cabinets and anything you want us to clean. We can clean out your duct system, professionally clean carpets, upholstery and drapes. 

Did you run into a problem while inspecting your home? SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy specializes in mold remediation as well!

Give our office a call to get your cleaning estimate scheduled.


We are ready no matter what time!

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Late night water damage.

You can never predict when a pipe will burst or if a fire will occur. But, you can count on us to be there within just a few hours of a phone call. We will have crews working late into the night and right back early in the morning to get the job done! 

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is ready for any disaster at any hour! We continue to take calls and emergency jobs any day of the week no matter if it is Tuesday at 9 am or Friday at 11 pm.  Our answering service will take a message and page out the on call crew. You will then be contacted by the on call crew member to schedule the job. 

Call us at 618-667-8648

Testimonies from our customers

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy loves hearing back from our customers on how the job went. We strive everyday to do our best. Below is our most recent testimony we received from a very happy customer!  

"The team that showed up at my house was some of the most professional people I've dealt with.  Amazing experience.  The duties they did were just as explained to me.  All of the workers deserve a raise!!! They totally dismantled a bedroom that had been damaged during a recent storm.  Removed all of the wet material and cleaned up!  just the people we needed during this time of need.  Thank you SERVPRO!  Also the original time given for the job was 5-6 hours.  They had it done in 3 hours!" — Corey in Waterloo, IL

Our Facility

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

Main building

The SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy facility is over 20,000 square feet and includes 10,000 square feet of warehouse space that is mostly used to store contents from fire and water damages. We also use the space to house more than 400 air movers and 100 dehumidifiers.

 In addition, we have 16 storage units which are self-contained, an annex building, and a training room which we use for continuing education classes and homeowner content inspections. Inspections take place after the contents have undergone the restoration process but before they are moved back to the job site.

The SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy fleet includes 6 truck mounts which are used to extract water, 4 box trucks for hauling equipment, 2 moving truck and other assorted vans and vehicles in order to transport our highly trained employees to job sites.