Commercial Photo Gallery

Sewer clean up.

In this photo you can see we are extracting the water out of the rug. The right side shows how much water has already been extracted and how powerful our equipment is.

We can handle any mess you call us with. Sewer back ups, 4+ inches of standing water, fire damages and more!

We are always Here To Help!

Hotel water damage

Early one morning we received a call from a local hotel that experienced a busted pipe and the water affected three floors. 

The crew started working around 5 am and spent the majority of the morning extracting the water, removing baseboards and ceiling tiles and setting drying equipment. 

Cleaning up a sewer back up

A local Walgreen's called us to come out and clean up after there pipes over flowed. As you can see in the photo the drainage was under many shelves.
Our crews worked hard to clean and sanitize under every shelf and every affected area as quickly as possible. 

Extracting water

Some jobs require our crew to crawl into small spaces to extract water. In this photo Richard is crawling under gymnastic mats to extract water from a sump pump failure. 

Carpet water extraction

Extracting water after a water damage is a important first step. Extracting as much water as possible lessens the chance of mildew smell, ruined contents and mold growth. 

The top right side of the photo is where we have already extracted water. You can tell there is a big difference between what area has been done and what area hasn't been touched yet. 

Large birds nest in a customers attic

The photo is a large birds nest in a local businesses office. They had just bought the building and started moving their items in. Did you know SERVPRO removed and cleaned up after animals? Our crew will go in and remove the nest, insulation and sanitize the area. 

If you have an animal issue in your attic and need it cleaned, give our office a call! 618-667-8648

Cleaning a ceiling affected by a fire

If you look on the bottom left side of this photo, you can see there is a cleaned area of the ceiling. This room was affected by a plug in fan catching on fire. When a fire happens in your business we understand how important it is to restore your business quickly. Our crews will work around the clock to make sure you are back in business as soon as possible. 

Equipment set to remove the fire smell

Unfortunately this business suffered from a fire. Luckily the fire wast to extensive and we were able to restore the area and remove the fire smell. The equipment you see in the photo is what helped remove the fire smell in this business. 

Equipment set to dry out a water damage

Having a water damage in your business is very stressful. Our crew is available 24/7 for services for any emergency. In the picture we have equipment set up at a local business to dry out their wet areas affected by the water damage. Don't hesitate to call! Let our crew be in there as soon as possible to make it look "Like it never even happened."

Sponging a ceiling affected by soot and smoke

Our crew was called out to clean up a fire damage at a local commercial property. The fire occurred in just a little closet, but made just enough smoke and soot for the walls and ceilings to be affected. We worked very hard to clean every wall, ceiling, floor, and any place affected by the fire!