Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Ash left on the stair from the fire.

This home caught fire from the home owners outside burn pit. The garage and upper level had the most damage, and the rest of the house has ash, soot and smoke smell. 

Our crews are out removing contents to clean and starting the remediation process!

Burn pit catches house on fire.

A burn pit caught the side of the garage and the upper level of this home on fire. Damage is extreme in these two areas. Always make sure you are being safe and cautious when starting a fire. 

Soot left after a fire

Fire can cause more damage then just burning your home and belongings. It can also cause soot damage on many of your belongings. Our crew is specialized in fire damage restoration. As you can see in this photo this child's toy was affected by the fire that occurred in the home. Our crew worked hard and cleaned all the belongings that were affected! 

Closet affected by a fire

As you can see in this photo there is soot and smoke damage left from a fire that happened in this closet. Our crews worked hard to remove the smell and clean the customers room to make it look "Like it never even happened."

Soot and smoke damage left from a fire

As you can see in this photo this door has soot and smoke damage from a fire. Our crew will work hard and clean every area affected by a fire in your home or business. 

Cleaning fire damaged contents

We not only clean your home after a fire damage; but we also clean the contents that were in your home and affected by soot and smoke.

The photo shows one of our ladies working hard to get this photo album looking "Like it never even happened."