Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hurricane Michael clean up.

In October we sent crews down to Florida to help clean up after the hurricane hit. Our crews were down there for about a month and helped many home owners get their homes cleaned, dried out, sanitized and ready to be restored back to normal!

Cleaning up Florida after Hurricane Michael

Many homes were destroyed by Hurricane Michael. SERVPRO sent crews down to help with the clean up and restorations.

Our crews were down there for a month and helped many homeowners get their homes cleaned up and ready to be put back together!

SERVPRO is always Here To Help!!

Sewer back up

Heavy rain for a long period of time can cause your sewer to back up. Don't worry; our crews are trained and available 24/7 for service. We will work hard to make it look "Like it never even happened."

Cleaning a sewage back up

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy received a call that a home's sewer backed up due to all the heavy rain we have had lately. Luckily not much damage was done. Our crew came out quickly to start the cleaning and drying process. 

If this unfortunate event happens to you give us a call at 618-667-8648

Sewage back up

Heavy rain fall can cause your sump pumps to back up. We understand that it is devastating and also gross, so our crew will work hard and quick to get it cleaned up and "Like it never even happened."

Flooded crawl space

Heavy rain for a long period can cause flooding in your home. If you have a crawl space be sure to check it after a storm. As you see in this photo this crawl space had a lot of water in result to the rain storm.