Recent Before & After Photos

Backed up drain causes mess.

A clogged drain causes the shower and closest drains to over flow with sewage. Sewage water is of course worse than just a normal clean water leak. It takes mor... READ MORE

Helping out in Florida

This past month SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy sent a few of our production members to Florida to help clean up after the hurricane. Many homes were destroyed and... READ MORE

Drying out a water leak in the ceiling

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy received a call for an upper level bathroom leaking through the ceiling into a dining room on the main level. Luckily the home owne... READ MORE

We will clean up almost anything!

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy got called asking if they cleaned up after pet vomit. Well yes we do. The poor dog got sick and threw up on their bed. We sent a cr... READ MORE

Water damage causes stained carpet

The stains on this carpet were caused by a floor drain over flowing due to the hot water heater breaking. After getting the water heater fixed, the carpets drie... READ MORE

Fire Damage Demo

SERVPRO of Collinsville/Troy is always ready for the unexpected to happen. This job was caused by lightening striking the roof of a house during a major storm! ... READ MORE

Water damage caused by a busted pipe

Our customer owned this rental house. At the time it was empty; when he went to check on it the first picture is what he walked in to. A pipe in the bathroom bu... READ MORE

Tree falling due to the storm

The wind was so strong in this last storm that it broke this tree; making it landed on a customers home. Thankfully only the home was damaged and no one was hur... READ MORE

We can handle your restaurant needs!

As you can see in this photo our crew works hard to make your problem areas look great! The before photo is close up to show you how bad it was. Are there some ... READ MORE

Backed up floor drain

Our office got a call that a local business had a floor drain back up and caused their basement carpet to get wet. As you can see the carpet had some discolorat... READ MORE